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break through the noise


At Crankworks, we pride ourselves on the creative vision and the applied design experience that we bring to our work on behalf of our clients’ brands. Brand affinity and recognition are crucial to making the right impression, not just the first time but again and again. /
Visualize - BRANDING



  • Visual Landscape Reviews
  • Creative Brand Development
  • Brand Equity & Line Extensions
  • Brand Guidelines Production
  • Co-Branded Implementations

Have you launched a new product, program or company? Do your corporate identity materials reflect your business effectively and powerfully? Is your logo setting the right tone? It may be time to extend a new or existing branded look, revamp an old one, or create something from scratch.

Make it Pop /

Digital Design


  • Email Marketing
  • Editable Letterhead
  • Editable Sell Sheet
  • Slideshows
  • Presentations
  • Digital Forms & Surveys
  • Motion Graphics & Video
  • Online Banner Ads (all sizes)
  • Website Elements
  • Infographics

Digital design has come a long way in the past decade, and it’s a field that is evolving continuously. The areas of scale, colour choice and conversion, print and web font choice, file format, have never been more critical. We take pride in our commitment to delivering excellence in all aspects of a digital design project. We are continuously building on an award-winning design capability that allows us to bring our clients digital design work that is powerful and effective.

We're Here For You /
Digital Design

Large Format Design


Large Format

  • Car & Truck Wrap
  • Billboard & Wall Graphics
  • Promotional Posters
  • Window Decals
  • Indoor Retail Graphics

Trade Show Displays

  • Tradeshow Booths
  • Pop-up Displays
  • Foam Boards
  • Banners
  • A-frame Signs

Designing large format graphics like trade show material, hanging signs, car wraps, billboards, wall graphics and banner stands takes a high degree of skill and an exceptional understanding of this unique subset of print design. Over the years we’ve become very adept at this kind of work, and we love helping our clients stand out proudly in their field no matter the indoor or outdoor environment.

Go Big Now /
Large Format Design
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break through the noise

Digital Advertising

The importance of Digital Advertising has been growing in recent years as the field has become increasingly sophisticated. Are you missing out on the opportunity to increase your market share simply because you’re not advertising on the most viewed online search engines or social media networks? Crankworks has substantial experience in this field, and we can help you take advantage of the vast opportunities provided by digital advertising. /
Visualize - Digital Advertising

Facebook Ads

With more than two billion users monthly, Facebook guarantees exposure for your product or service, but it takes a lot of finesse to ensure you are targeting the right audience with the right messaging, and building your Facebook ad campaign in a strategic and effective manner. The Facebook ad experts at Crankworks can help you define your goals—sales on your website, downloads of your app or increased brand awareness, for example—get audience attention, expand your reach, and ensure your budget parameters are respected.

Book A Face To Face


  • Domain Campaigns
  • Multi-Product Campaigns
  • Offer Campaigns
  • Video Campaigns
  • Lead Campaigns
  • Canvas Campaigns
  • Sponsored Campaigns
  • Dynamic Campaigns /
Facebook Ads

Instagram Ads


  • Picture Campaigns
  • Carousel Campaigns
  • Picture Navigation Campaigns
  • Interactive Navigation Campaigns
  • 30 Sec. Video Campaigns
  • Instagram Marquee

Have you started marketing to the more than one billion people who use Instagram every month? With more than 75% of Instagram users taking action on ads on that platform, you could be missing the opportunity to tap into a massive market for your product or service. Crankworks will ensure your Instagram ad campaign hits your targets and gets you the results you’re looking for, and provide key intelligence as to the type of ad campaign that is likely to bring you business, how frequently you should be posting, and how to get the biggest bang for your Instagram buck.

Grow Your Tribe Today /
Instagram Ads

YouTube Ads


  • TrueView Campaigns
  • Skippable Video Campaigns
  • Pre-Roll Campaigns
  • Non-Skippable Campaigns
  • Bumper Campaigns
  • Display Campaigns
  • Overlay Campaigns
  • Sponsored Card Campaigns
  • Masthead Format Campaigns

Did you know that almost five billion videos are watched on YouTube every day? And that the platform gets more than 30 million visitors a day? Crankworks looks beyond the hype and focuses on statistics to help with the set-up of an effective YouTube advertising campaign to generate positive outcomes. We’ll help you set your goals, and then determine the kind of campaign you need. Next, we’ll build, manage and monitor your campaign so you can leverage the massive opportunity YouTube advertising represents for your business.

Chanel Your Connectivity /
YouTube Ads

LinkedIn Ads

Whether you want to increase B2B brand awareness, funnel more targeted visitors to your website, boost the number of educational video views you’ve been getting, or create greater industry engagement, you’ll find a staunch ally in a LinkedIn advertising campaign. Crankworks has seen some great results with B2B LinkedIn advertising, and we know what it takes to craft the right messaging for each different LinkedIn advertising strategy.

Let's Talk Campaign


  • Promoted Pin Campaigns
  • Buyable Pin Campaigns
  • Promoted Carousel Campaigns
  • Promoted Video Pin Campaigns
  • Story Pin Campaigns
  • Promoted App Pin Campaigns /
LinkedIn Ads


break through the noise

Client Engagement

Ensuring your ideal customers can find and engage with your business requires a careful balance of art and science. Crankworks brings a robust suite of analytical and creative skills to the table when it comes to this crucial area. From brand awareness through to tradition, our experts can harness your brand’s character and task it with helping you generate more repeat customer engagement and increased loyalty. /
Visualize - Client Engagement

Brand Principles Traits


  • Brand Trait Evaluations
  • Brand Feature Evaluations
  • Positioning Reviews
  • Brand Benefit Reviews
  • Positioning Statement Creation

Crankworks is adept at helping our clients carefully identify and express the unique value your business brings to your customers. We’ll work with you to determine what makes your brand unique, and pinpoint how you make your customers’ lives better. Then we will translate all that information into a compelling and effective marketing campaign that will get you the results you’ve been looking for.

Build On Your Virtues /
Brand Principles Traits

Persona Development

At Crankworks, we see the development and leveraging of customer or client personas as a fundamental tool for ensuring you and your team have a crystal-clear idea of how your customers think, feel and interact with your business. Buyer personas help focus your marketing strategies, build stronger brand loyalty, and generate higher revenues. In order to maximize their value to your business, we’ll take a look at all the information that’s available about your ideal customers – those you already have, and those you want to attract.

Personalize Your Offer


  • Buyer Persona Development
  • Shopper Marketing Profile
  • Customer Engagement Plan /
Persona Development

Customer Journey


  • Customer Experience Assessment
  • Customer Management
  • Assessment
  • Buying Process Stage Evaluation
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Calculation
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey

Knowing precisely how your customer interacts with your business is powerful information that Crankworks can help you uncover. We’ll map out the entire customer journey for you, from the initial engagement and on through the entire buying process. We’ll gather information on your customers’ thoughts, emotional responses and overall experiences along the way. Then we will recommend and develop a robust brand initiative that will enable your team to recognize and eliminate any barriers to purchasing that your customers may currently be encountering.

Take Their Perspective /
Customer Journey

Customer Retention

We listen carefully to your customers to determine what words like “quality” and “satisfaction” mean to them. Then we establish attributable “loyalty” patterns, behaviours, and interactions with your brand. This process will allow us to select the kind of media and content that helps your ideal customers realize they want to own your brand’s products and services. The icing on the cake? We’ll develop a brand loyalty dashboard to define, track and report on crucial loyalty metrics.

Get Close


  • Brand Assessments
  • Brand Perception Surveys
  • Brand Selection Reviews
  • Brand Metrics
  • Brand Loyalty Dashboards /
Customer Retention

Advocacy & Loyalty


  • Advocacy Program Development
  • Loyalty Program Development
  • Advocacy Program Evaluation
  • Loyalty Program Evaluation
  • Automation Recommendations
  • Automation Implementation

At Crankworks, we’ve found that the data these programs yield about how customers behave can be used to sharpen your advantage in the marketplace. We constantly explore the latest in analytics to ensure we have access to the best in data mining, fact-gathering and metrics analysis. There is a lot of data available in your field. Are you leveraging it to expand your firm’s revenue?

Build On Tradition /
Advocacy & Loyalty


How do you know what technologies best suit your needs? Crankworks takes the guesswork out of the process. Our expertise lies in knowing exactly how to develop personalized marketing strategies that are tailored to your needs. We can link data to your individual customer profiles and ensure smart marketing segmentation across all media channels. It means you can get on with what you do best, and leave the technical part of client relationship management to us.

Tailor To Their Needs


  • Customer Engagement Mapping
  • Customer Centricity Evaluations
  • Engagement Roles Identification /
Personalization /

Our work is just like our team: unique, smart, & memorable. When you need results for your marketing dollar? We will build you the strategy, produce inspired creative, roll out informed tactics, and measure the results!

Our long-term periodic support, monthly maintenance and ongoing security monitoring ensure that we respond to online issues within the briefest of delays, if and when they present themselves.

We estimate projects thoroughly, comprehensively, and we walk our clients through all aspects of an upcoming project to ensure we set the right expectations. We honour our pricing. Unless otherwise agreed upon up front, we document and discuss all variances, overages, project creep other costs before initiating any out-of-scope changes. /
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