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Tangible Research

Maybe you feel you have an adequate marketing machine in place, but you need a more sophisticated system to take your good marketing results and make them industry benchmarks. Crankworks has your back. /
Magnify - Tangible Research

Benchmark Reporting


  • Marketing Analytics Benchmark
  • B2B E-mail Marketing Benchmark
  • Marketing Data Quality Reports
  • Sales Data Quality Reports
  • Sales & Marketing Analytics
  • Content Marketing Reports
  • Online Community Reports
  • Lead Generation Reports
  • Web Optimizations Reports
  • Social Media ROI Reports
  • Brand Consistency Reports

We believe research and data are the lifeblood of marketing – as is knowing exactly what the competition is up to. But many organizations resign themselves to trying to make sound business decisions from data that is corrupt, invalid, or statistically insignificant.

We’ll systematically measure your company’s performance against recognized industry leaders. And we’ll work with established third-party advisors —and retain research firms that are beyond your purview — to tailor data parameters exactly to your needs. With our help, you can determine best practices, and adapt and use them for your own business, so you can watch your performance — and your bottom line — flourish.

Adapt To Grow
Benchmark Reporting

Best Practice Reports

Crankworks is dedicated to knowing about—and helping you apply—industry best practices that are applicable in more than one setting, and that demonstrably help you achieve your objectives.

Our evidence-based approach consistently yields faster, better, and more cost-conscious results, and our process enables you to set high-performance targets and overcome staff resistance to achieving them. Focusing on best practices will allow you to inspire positive cultural change in your company because you are looking outward, rather than focusing inward. Plus, the quality of your marketing will continuously improve because it’s constantly being measured against the best in the business.

Measure To Grow


  • Lead Scoring
  • Marketing Automation
  • Customer Engagement
  • Development of Lead Generation
  • Digital Marketing Best Practices
  • Digital Marketing Guidance
  • Influencer Marketing Guidance /
Best Practice Reports

Market Maturity Models


  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Lead Generation

With our assistance, your marketing will become a strategic growth driver. We will guide you towards leveraging technology in a way that seamlessly bridges the digital and physical worlds of your customer relationships. And we’ll help you develop a more collaborative relationship between your sales staff and your customers. Using data, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning, we’ll also provide you with new insights that will help boost your bottom line.

In short, we will help you and your company’s culture to develop a digital, agile, insight-led and creative marketing solution that will get you the results you’re looking for.

Create Context
Market Maturity Models


A marketing framework paints a picture of the flow of all your marketing efforts, and it includes your insights, strategy, plan, tactical execution and measures. It shows how these components all work together to bring your business vision into reality.

Unlike a one-size-fits-all framework that doesn’t consider your unique business parameters, we will look at your situation and:

  • Determine the key priorities of the business.
  • Choose two to three of your most essential marketing competencies (because to be effective, you can’t do everything all at once).
  • Find out what your current capabilities are and make improvements.
  • Develop the most straightforward path possible to success, given the business environment.
  • Measure the results.
Plan Your Efforts


Frameworks For Areas Such As:

  • Go-To-Market
  • Customer Engagement
  • Digital Marketing
  • Demand Generation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Redesign
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Public Relations
  • Market Research
  • Influencers /



We love innovation. But we aren’t blinded by its appeal. We take what we already know works, look at what’s new, and then blend the best of both to meet your needs. Our goal is strategically to integrate your marketing and advertising to maximize its impact and reduce overall costs. /
Magnify - Measurement

Dashboards & Analytics

At Crankworks, we are big believers in customizing clearly-defined dashboards that match your goals. We’ll work with you to get the key performance indicators (KPIs) right — across multiple media channels — so we can determine what kind of return on investment you’re getting for your marketing spend.

With our team, you’ll be able to easily access soft metrics like engagement and awareness, hard metrics like the internal rate of return and net present values, and, of course, online metrics like bounce rates, total visits and click-through rates.

Target Market Lift


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Public Relations Metrics
  • Mobile Marketing Metrics
  • Website Metrics
  • CRM Program Metrics
  • Lead Generation Metrics
  • Product Development Metrics
  • Social Media Metrics
  • Content Marketing Metrics
  • Brand Loyalty Metrics Dashboards
  • Blogging Metrics /
Dashboards & Analytics

Competitive Assessments


  • Competitive Website Analyses
  • Social Media Competitor Tracking
  • Social Media Competitor Review
  • Competitive Content Monitoring
  • Competitive Domain Overviews
  • Competitive Traffic Analytics
  • Competitive SEO Reporting
  • Competitive Backlink Gap Reviews
  • Online Advertising Research
  • Competitive Keyword Gap Reviews

Crankworks can develop a competitive assessment to help you identify the strengths of your rivals so you can emulate them, where that makes sense. We’ll also point out their weaknesses so your team can take advantage of them. And we’ll pinpoint areas where the competition is especially strong, and that you’re better off avoiding.

Knowing, in detail, how the competition works will mean you can make better business decisions, attract more customers, and enjoy greater success in the marketplace.

Position Competitively /
Competitive Assessments

Applied Metrics

As a business, you know the importance of measuring things like the number of followers you have on social media, the number of press release impressions you’ve generated, and the number of site visitors you have. But how does that data relate to your business’s bottom line?

The experts at Crankworks will determine what metrics you actually need to be following, and where possible provide you with diagnostic tools that will help you strengthen your marketing strategy. We’ll also help you understand exactly how this contributes to your company’s profitability.

We can help you get a firm grip on how your marketing efforts are doing and how they’re helping your business prosper.

Measure For Results


  • Campaign Impression
  • Campaign Conversion
  • Trade Promotion ROI
  • Marketing Funnel
  • Sample Size
  • Customer Satisfaction Indexing
  • SEO Keyword Value Estimations /
Applied Metrics

Reporting & Implementation


Reports For Such Areas As:

  • Customer Profiling
  • Persona Development
  • Case Study Development
  • White Paper Development
  • Web Metrics and Reporting
  • Project Status Reporting
  • Website Reporting
  • Project Status Reporting
  • Case Analysis of Research Reporting

Crankworks works hard to deliver reports that contain the most robust marketing data—think visits per page, bounce rates and cost per click—and that are presented in the clearest way possible. With our reports, you will be able to identify and quantify big trends, while uncovering the smallest details that explain how they contribute to your marketing return on investment.
The end goal of many companies and organizations is to offer customers the most personalized experience possible. At Crankworks, we deliver data-driven marketing reports that will also help you attract new customers and ensure your insights are clearly understood by everyone involved in business decision-making and campaign planning.

Manage Data Accurately /
Reporting & Implementation

Marketing Budget

Most businesses have a tough time predicting promotional and marketing costs and they often set their marketing budget as a percentage of sales or profit. Decades of experience allow Crankworks to cost out a fully-developed plan based on a careful assessment of your marketing. We’ll meticulously include everything from advertising and public relations to salaries for necessary staff and office costs.

We’re dedicated to getting the marketing budget right because it’s crucial to ensuring your products and services are properly promoted while not breaking the bank.

Now Your Spend


Budgets For Such Areas As:

  • Public Relations
  • Product Development
  • Marketing Communications
  • Creative Department
  • Web Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Advertising Calendar
  • Conference Budget Templates /
Marketing Budget

Strategic Implementation


Scoring In The Areas Of:

  • Lead Generation Objectives
  • Public Relations Strategy
  • Mobile Marketing and Strategy
  • Product Development
  • Sales Operation Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Event Marketing Strategy
  • Online Community Strategy
  • Market Research Strategy

Scoring aligns marketing activities to business strategies. It allows companies to monitor their progress towards their goals, and improve their marketing efforts over time. The experts at Crankworks, are information-obsessed, so our scoring process is data-driven. We’ll help you become more effective at agile marketing to ensure your efforts are as productive and responsive to change.

Where appropriate, we implement a dashboard element in addition to your scorecard; it shows trends over time. We also may set your team up for “sprints” that tracks their results over a set period of time. This allows your teams to stay on top of their progress towards your goal.

Stay Vigilant & Informed /
Strategic Implementation



Getting found online is a moving target as technology, algorithms, consumer behaviour—and more—change. Our passion for getting extraordinary results for our clients keeps us on a path of continuous learning and our years of experience mean we have the perspective—and the chops—to be able to separate the ideas that are new and flashy from the ones that are new but powerful. /
Magnify - Planning

Project Management


  • Post Project Evaluations
  • Project Risk Analyses
  • Project scheduling
  • Project Milestone Building
  • Project Breakdown Reports
  • Pivot Points Management
  • Gant Charting
  • Project Prioritization
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Project Budgeting
  • Issue Logging
  • Project Status Reporting
  • Earned Value Analyses
  • Agile Scrums & Sprint Planning Retrospectives

Our long experience and knowledge of the process, skills, tools, techniques and deliverables involved in coordinating project activities ensure we’ll meet all of your requirements. Every project, from web development to ongoing digital media campaigns, needs the right matrix of people with a range of talents. If you don’t have those staff members on hand already, we can help. We are driven to bring your project in on time and under budget, having met all goals. With Crankworks at the helm, you, your team and your project will reduce miscommunication, missed deadlines, scope creep, and other challenges that plague campaigns run by other marketing companies.

Increase Your Capacity /
Project Management

Strategic Surveys

Whether you’re interested in how your customers are reacting to your latest product offering, or how people will respond to a new branded look, we find that surveys are often the best way— and sometimes the only reliable way—to discover what people think and want.

Our surveys will give you hard numbers from which you can make decisions. And they provide essential benchmarks against which you can measure the success of your efforts as a business. In addition to standard demographic information, our surveys can uncover the “why” of consumer behaviour. They allow you to connect with your customer in a way that shows them your brand is evolving to meet their needs.

Grow Into Their Needs


  • Mobile Marketing Usage
  • Brand Perception
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Social Media Usage
  • Post-Conference Opinions
  • Sales Support Effectiveness
  • Creative Strategy
  • Website Usage /
Strategic Surveys

Goal Creation


  • Product Launch Plans
  • Project Plans
  • Marketing Department Plans
  • Advertising Department Plans
  • Key Account Planning
  • Procurement Plans
  • Risk Management Plans
  • Exploratory Research Plans
  • Online Community Plans
  • Customer Conversion Project Plans
  • Crisis Communication Plans
  • Crisis FAQ Review
  • Marketing Campaign Plans

If you don’t know where you’re going, how do you know when you get there?

Your marketing goals state what results you want to achieve. They should fit into and support your overall business goals while providing a clear vision of what needs to be accomplished now and into the future. The experts at Crankworks can help you develop goals that are measurable, specific and realistic – ones that can be used to build a solid foundation for a successful marketing plan.

Setup Success /
Goal Creation

Agile Prioritization

We’ll help you become more effective at agile marketing to ensure your efforts are as productive and responsive to change. We’ll work with your team members to determine which criteria should be used in prioritizing projects. This way, everyone is following the same parameters when organizing their work, reducing the potential for conflict or confusion.

Whether you’re more comfortable with hard copy, an excel spreadsheet or would like to work in an agile-friendly work management environment like Google Drive, our prioritization criteria tools will make your projects run like clockwork.

Consider Your Approach


  • Website Prioritization
  • Marketing Channel Ranking
  • Marketing Medium Ranking
  • CRM Program Prioritization
  • Sales Opportunity Prioritization
  • Lead Generation Prioritization
  • Social Media Channel Selection
  • Project Prioritization
  • Research Consensus Ranking
  • Video Topic Prioritization
  • Blog Topic Prioritization
  • Agile User Prioritization /
Agile Prioritization



Calendars For Your:

  • Marketing Communications
  • Agile Marketing
  • Editorial Content
  • Public Relations Activities
  • Webinars & Promotions
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Blog Post Syndication
  • Content Marketing

Crankworks will help you develop marketing calendars that outline your marketing activities on a week-to-week or month-to-month basis. This ensures a steady stream of promotion, keeping you in the minds of your established customers while catching the attention—and dollars—of new ones. The more you talk about your company, the more likely people will listen and become curious.

Like most aspects of a business plan, marketing calendars require some initial investment in time and resources, but they definitely pay off down the road. Having calendars that set out what you’re doing and when you’re doing it keeps you on track and relieves you of trying to play catch-up with your marketing activities.

Plan Advancement /


At Crankworks, it is our privilege to build trust and secure leads for our clients. We hold ourselves accountable for generating inspired creative that will produce memorable hallmarks and persuade your audience members with emotional and notable triggers. Furthermore, we measure the results and make them tangible. Moreover, we improve measurable outcomes from increased Click-Through Rates, Email Capture, Page Traffic, Phone Traffic, Customized Conversion Rates, and Effective Retargeting while lowering Bounce Rates.

Build On Value


  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Ecommerce Solutions
  • Research
  • Analysis and Measurement
  • Competitive Analyses
  • Marketing Surveys
  • Marketing Budget & Finance 
Tools for Marketing ROI /
Accountability /

Our work is just like our team: unique, smart, & memorable. When you need results for your marketing dollar? We will build you the strategy, produce inspired creative, roll out informed tactics, and measure the results!

Our long-term periodic support, monthly maintenance and ongoing security monitoring ensure that we respond to online issues within the briefest of delays, if and when they present themselves.

We estimate projects thoroughly, comprehensively, and we walk our clients through all aspects of an upcoming project to ensure we set the right expectations. We honour our pricing. Unless otherwise agreed upon up front, we document and discuss all variances, overages, project creep other costs before initiating any out-of-scope changes. /
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