Independent Businesses

You Have Some Immediate Design & Advertising Needs

  • Define your uniqueness and showcase your appeal
  • Develop online presence and marketing materials that create more business
  • Educate customers about your business, products, and services even while you’re sleeping
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Independent Businesses

Brand Development

Looking to establish, reposition, or re-brand your company, product, or event?

Need a look and feel for your company that both showcase what you do and how you stand out from the crowd?

Do you require a logo, print collateral, trade show gear, and or any type of digital asset development?

Would you like to build awareness and long-lasting loyalty for your company?


Are you looking for an online presence that both represents what you do and how you stand out within your market?

Would you like to identify your marketing roadblocks, best channels, and advertising opportunities?

Would you like ongoing one-stop online web development, maintenance, and periodic support services?

Advertising Options

Would you like to set up solutions to unique marketing challenges and business goals?

Are you considering or have already tested some marketing forms, but you need more significant results?

Do you require ongoing web or content development, traditional print support, strategic review, online guidance, periodic strategy, or digital support?

We have the experience required, and we'll show you how great branding, online marketing, and a bit of ongoing advertising can make a BIG difference to your bottom line marketing ROI.

Let’s Start Collaborating
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Brand Development


– Of Working With Crankworks –

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Targeted Solutions For Your Business

Build your business on our experience. Our deep understanding of marketing and our process-driven brand approach ensures we can grow with you and learn about your unique needs. You will benefit from our powerful on-page and local-SEO skills. We can help your website rank among the top organic local and national search results. We can also keep you relevant and on top of the mind of your existing and potential clients while they are making their buying decisions online.

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We create multiple versions of a web page to better suit the user's chosen device. All our web solutions adapt to any screen size or device.

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Rank higher on Google and Bing, reap greater awareness of your products and services, and create more sales opportunities 24/7.

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We offer project fees, monthly retainers, and even performance-based pricing models. We fit our pricing to your needs and scope with future scalability in mind.

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Personalize Your Business

Build on belief, deliver on purpose and engage with your brand today through to the future.


Affordable social media, content marketing, online advertising, and web design are an integral part of an independent business marketing strategy. Sporadic activity will not get you very far, which is why you need a trusted partner that will have your best intentions in mind.

Perhaps you can create a marketing strategy by yourself, but you lack a strategy. This is when Crankworks steps in. We plan long-term yet budget-friendly campaigns. We can adjust, adapt, and maximize your online performance on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Best of all, we can support and guide you or manage the marketing process on your behalf. We are here for you. Your success is our success.

engage Engage

Your website and online presence are often the first opportunity for your potential clients to connect with you. This is why your content and design must be compelling and relevant. Your logo and branding must be relatable and memorable.

People like to engage with brands. Simply put, they want to understand the brand’s mission and value. You will earn your customers’ respect if you meet their expectations.

Showcase your appeal and enhance communication with your clientele. The appropriate message, campaign ideas, and approach can go a long way in getting your audience’s trust. It can also make you stand out from the competition and contribute to your long-term credibility. Compelling ad copies, call-to-action (CTA), captivating galleries, and customer reviews are proven to persuade and facilitate purchasing decisions. Not to mention that authentic content could help boost your online presence and improve long-term SEO. Improved SEO results in improved site rankings, which can have a positive impact on your business.

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educate Educate

Lead by example. Your online presence and website must educate the customer about your business and what you have to offer. Unlike brick and mortar businesses, there are no showroom opportunities or readily available salespeople. Customers can’t interact with the product. In short, if people can’t understand your product or service, they won’t make the purchase.

Thankfully, you can lead by setting an example. Information-rich content, compelling website design, attractive images, and demonstrative videos can tell your story and win the audience.

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Personalize Your Business

Brand & Marketing PLAN

Build on our experience. Our deep understanding of marketing and our process-driven brand approach ensures we can grow with you and learn about your unique needs. You will benefit from powerful on-page and local SEO skills. We can ensure that you show up organically where its required within local and at times within national search results. We can also keep you relevant and top of mind when your existing or potential clients are searching for options or in the process of making their buying decision online.

Get your brand and marketing strategies on track with a half-day seminar facilitated by an experienced Crankworks marketing professional.

  • Seek professional marketing help, but don’t have the budget to hire a full-time
  • Access to a broader and current mix of skills on tap
  • Source an outside ‘sanity check’ on your current self-managed marketing plan
  • How to track and measure your marketing


  • A clear approach to brand and marketing positioning
  • Define your key marketing messages
  • Define your ideal target markets and map the journey back to your business
  • Review your website performance and role including search engine activities
  • Review your online activity including social media integration
  • Define appropriate marketing tactics
  • Recommend your marketing budget
  • Gain extra marketing support for a short-term project, maternity leave, etc.
  • Your business goals and how marketing needs to support them

A half-day brainstorming session with a Crankworks Marketing professional focusing on your business goals and objectives. Goals, such as but not limited to, building awareness, attracting more clients, refreshing your brand and market positioning, and launching new products and services. The outcomes are recorded and delivered in a final workshop outcomes document.

From $1,965 (+HST)
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Brand & Marketing PLAN
Seminars /

Our work is just like our team: unique, smart, & memorable. When you need results for your marketing dollar? We will build you the strategy, produce inspired creative, roll out informed tactics, and measure the results!

Our long-term periodic support, monthly maintenance and ongoing security monitoring ensure that we respond to online issues within the briefest of delays, if and when they present themselves.

We estimate projects thoroughly, comprehensively, and we walk our clients through all aspects of an upcoming project to ensure we set the right expectations. We honour our pricing. Unless otherwise agreed upon up front, we document and discuss all variances, overages, project creep other costs before initiating any out-of-scope changes. /
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