Established Businesses

You Need Next-Level Growth Solutions

  • Achieve your business goals with the support of a detailed marketing approach
  • Create a solid marketing foundation and best practice for your business today and well into the future
  • Build awareness and authority within your target markets
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Established Businesses

Digital Marketing Plans For Established Companies

Established companies hold a unique position within their communities and within their markets. They have experienced year over year growth and are deep-rooted enough to sustain their efforts easily. They typically have hired employees, they may have a dedicated marketing and sales team, and they have a solid base of customers – both repeat and new.

As a long-time entrepreneur, a second or third-generation owner, and or a key stakeholder, you may have been doing a lot of the work yourself to get the company where it is today. That said, your business may be at a plateau where the business is stable but is not accelerating. You may still want to maintain your connection with the strategic side of the business. You may lack a long-term interest in developing or keeping up with the frequency and or quality of your marketing strategy or plan. You find yourself at a crossroads.

Our digital marketing experts can offer assistance. Our team-based collaborative approach will examine every portion of your operation and what’s most important to you to determine a plan for growth and success.

We have the experience required, and we’ll show you how great branding, online marketing, and a bit of ongoing advertising can make a BIG difference to your bottom line marketing ROI.

Let’s Start Collaborating
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Digital Marketing


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GROW Your Position

You have a firm grasp of your business’s capabilities, and you understand what makes you successful and unlike your competitors. You know and appreciate your past success.

Our digital marketing team will leverage your knowledge of your business, your customers, and market. We will create a select performance marketing strategy with custom tactics suited to your needs.

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Customer Analysis

Collaboratively we can discover or confirm customer needs, define the various segments, develop personas, and set customer experience requirements.

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Performance Analysis

We can then evaluate and select target segments by setting the online conversion targets together. Next, we can determine the customer lifecycle and potential online conversion opportunities.

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Competitor Analysis

Subsequently, we can identify the required marketing mix, positioning messaging and expected campaign lifecycle according to budget expectation and timeline.

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GROW Your Position

Build on belief, deliver on purpose and engage with your brand today through to the future.

Growing Your Market Share

You have a great selection of products and or services but have had trouble selling them beyond your current markets; we can help you grow your market share through client acquisition. This growth can happen regionally (province/state), nationally, or internationally with expanded local service landing pages or targeted e-mail content campaigns, and ad campaigns via channels like Google, YouTube, Bing, Facebook, or Instagram.

Want to go next level? Let our team help you set up your shop on the Google Shopping Network, your ads using Google Remarketing or Google Visual Advertising, expand your presence via content marketing, SEO, and others. We can help take you from moderately successful to widely adopted.

nuture trust adoption Nurture Trust
& Adoption

There is nothing better than bridging trust with word of mouth testimonial. We are the first to admit that some traditional tactics still produce results. But how do you broaden your appeal or harness your efforts across campaigns or media?

To be competitive, word of mouth in today’s digital era requires amplification, which, only a strong online presence can provide. From name recognition, conversions, or more explicitly purchasing, we can help broaden your following on social media via such channels as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and or Snapchat audience expansion plans.

Some established businesses may have only traditionally taken orders by phone or in person. Others haven’t been able to handle the scheduling of service appointments or processing payments online.

The team at Crankworks can make your website operate smoothly, offering redevelopment and implementation of eCommerce features that can scale with your business. We allow you to do what you do best while allowing you to grow your product list or service offerings. We can even help vertically integrate your B2B operations with clients and or vendors, ensuring better supply chain efficiency and stakeholder trust.

Round the clock Sales Round The
Clock Sales
performance and growth Performance
& Growth

Lead by example. Your online presence and website must educate the consumer about your business and what you have to offer. Unlike bricks and mortar businesses, there are no showroom opportunities or readily available salespeople. You can’t interact with the product. Charming people skills won’t help unless you capture them via content or video. In short, if people can’t understand your product or service, they won’t make the purchase.

You can, in effect, lead with and by example. Informative written copy, compelling design, attractive images and demonstrative videos can unite to tell your story and captivate your audience of new or existing customers.

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Growing Your Market Share

PLAN Seminars

Become a trusted authority in your industry, build your brand awareness and attract more followers with a half-day workshop facilitated by an experienced Crankworks Professional.

Get your brand and marketing strategies on track with a half-day seminar facilitated by an experienced Crankworks marketing professional.

  • Seek professional marketing help, but don’t have the budget to hire a full-time
  • Access to a broader and current mix of skills on tap
  • Source an outside ‘sanity check’ on your current self-managed marketing plan
  • Gain extra marketing support for a short-term project, maternity leave, etc.
  • Your business goals and how marketing needs to support them


  • A clear approach to brand and marketing positioning
  • Define your key marketing messages
  • Define your ideal target markets and map the journey back to your business
  • Review your website performance and role including search engine activities
  • Review your online activity including social media integration
  • Define appropriate marketing tactics
  • Recommend your marketing budget
  • How to track and measure your marketing
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PLAN Seminars

Half-day brainstorming session with a Crankworks Marketing Profesional focusing on developing content and social media strategy for your business. A strategy, such as but not limited to, syndicating case studies, blogs, white papers across various social media channels. Outcomes are recorded as an action plan.

From $1,965 (+HST)
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Our work is just like our team: unique, smart, & memorable. When you need results for your marketing dollar? We will build you the strategy, produce inspired creative, roll out informed tactics, and measure the results!

Our long-term periodic support, monthly maintenance and ongoing security monitoring ensure that we respond to online issues within the briefest of delays, if and when they present themselves.

We estimate projects thoroughly, comprehensively, and we walk our clients through all aspects of an upcoming project to ensure we set the right expectations. We honour our pricing. Unless otherwise agreed upon up front, we document and discuss all variances, overages, project creep other costs before initiating any out-of-scope changes. /
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