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Tailer YOUR Retention

Digital Programs

Once your brand is actualized and you’re expressing it in a potent manner, you need to energize your marketing efforts with a range of properly considered digital and product-related activities. Marketing is a vast and complex field that offers a wide array of opportunities for appealing, in just the right way, to your ideal clients or customers. /
Energize - Digital Programs

Content Marketing


  • Content Marketing Assessments
  • Content Development & Editing
  • Development of Content Strategies
  • Editorial Calendar Development
  • Databases Development
  • Topic Mapping
  • Defining Content & Buying Process

Crankworks specializes in content marketing programs that provide relevant, high-value information. Whether you’re looking for video, blog, or social media content, we work hard to make sure your marketing is on trend, on topic, and on track to motivate consumers to respect your brand. The goal of a content marketing program is typically to attract attention and boost brand loyalty. Your content can position you as an industry thought leader, and it can generate leads, drive sales, improve customer retention, or any combination of these key imperatives. Crankworks takes care to ensure our content marketing programs align seamlessly with your corporate values and vision, and support your overall marketing strategy, products, and services.

Distribute Quality Content /
Content Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

We customize your marketing and advertising tactics to ensure your company is top-of-mind with the people who want what you offer. We’ll develop search engine marketing initiatives—like the integration of pay-per-click advertising into your website—so you can take better advantage of this lucrative and growing segment of the consumer market. All while staying in compliance with any industry regulations that you need to respect. We’ll also save you time and keep you current by focusing on the most important metrics, reviewing your results, and taking corrective actions where necessary.

Get Found


  • Landing Page Development
  • Landing Page Maintenance
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Dashboards
  • Custom Conversion Dashboards
  • PPC Reports (wk./mo./yr.)
  • Google Analytics Reporting
  • Google Analytics Reviews
  • Blog Post Workflows & Strategies /
Search Engine Marketing

Web Communication


  • Text Development & Editing
  • Graphic Development & Editing
  • Post Syndication
  • Post Calendar Production
  • Promotion Assessments
  • Engagement Assessments
  • Organic SEO Blog Assessments
  • Organic SEO Blog Optimization
  • Blog Topic Prioritization
  • Content Quality Reviews
  • Blogging Metrics & Dashboards

Blogs or Newsletters are an excellent way to connect with prospective and current customers. Well-researched and well-written posts can increase brand awareness, create sales leads, build community and assert your authority in the marketplace. Web communications drive traffic to your website, expanding your search engine optimization results and, by extension, they can improve your sales.
Newsletters for Business plans that align with your corporate values and vision. As a foundational part of your content marketing efforts, web communications can provide outstanding support for your corporate, content and, social media marketing initiatives.

Post What Matters /
Web Communication

Mobile-First Marketing

When customers are looking for a product or service, they are increasingly putting their mobile devices to use. Crankworks can help you navigate the complicated world of mobile, from developing the right strategies and tactics to building long-term relationships with customers who want speed and convenience to be part of their buying decisions. You’ll find that we are well-versed in all platforms used by your customers, from cell phones, smartphones, and tablets to other handheld devices. We’re also knowledgeable about other ways to reach your ideal customer: responsive websites, mobile applications, email and text, social media, augmented reality, and more.

Stay Close At Hand


  • UX & UI Design
  • UX & UI Development
  • Mobile Marketing Strategies
  • Mobile Channel Selection
  • Mobile Maturity Assessments
  • Mobile Competitive Tracking
  • Mobile Marketing Risk Assessments
  • Mobile Content Development /
Mobile-First Marketing
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Tailer YOUR Retention

Lead Generation

Attracting and retaining customers is the bread and butter of every company. The experts at Crankworks employ a wide selection of tools and services to fit each individual client’s needs. Do you need to get a better bang for your marketing bucks? Do you want to beef up your advertising or refresh your trade show presence? We are here for you with relevant display experience and the latest techniques for measuring and boosting your bottom line. /
Energize - Lead Generation

Channel Marketing

By Integrating marketing channels, we’ll give your customers the ultimate user experience, making every touchpoint an opportunity to further the buying decision in favour of your product. With our services, you can give your customers targeted one-on-one experiences with your brand. Using the data we reap, we will improve the quality of your marketing campaigns and messaging by making them more focused on your individual customer’s needs and goals. Even your sales team will cheer when they find they can work with warm, qualified leads as opposed to cold-calling and obtaining low-quality prospects from purchased lists.

Merge To Focus


  • Lead Maturity Assessments
  • Lead Acquisition Modeling
  • Marketing Lead Nurturing
  • Sales & Marketing Benchmarking
  • Channel Marketing Strategies
  • Email Marketing Solutions
  • Sales & Marketing Funnel Reviews /
Channel Marketing

Prospect & Lead Generation


  • Online Advertising Plans
  • Online Advertising ROI Reports
  • Automation Consulting
  • Advertisement Evaluations

The professionals at Crankworks start with an assessment of your current lead generation abilities, and from there determine how you can implement best practices into your systems. Then, we’ll develop a strategy to create your marketing funnel, automate tasks where appropriate, craft a content marketing plan and develop a lead acquisition model. We’ll even work with your sales team to standardize your definition of a lead and help them figure out which characteristics make for a good lead. Finally, we’ll put together a recommendation for how we can support you by setting up a robust and comprehensive lead generation program, one that’s complete with evaluation metrics.

Automate Lead Gen /
Prospect & Lead Generation

Advertising Strategy

The experts at Crankworks develop advertising strategies that have clearly-defined goals and show a strong understanding of the environment. Our strategies prioritize different media channels and include metrics that make sense – so we can document how well they worked and make any changes that might be necessary to improve your results. We are experts at assessing your product, defining the market, analyzing media and sticking to your budget.

Channel Efforts For Results


  • Creative Brief Creation and Curation
  • Online Advertising Strategies
  • Advertising Concept Assessments
  • Company PR Analyses
  • Advertising Analyses
  • Online Advertising ROI Calculations
  • Advertising Calendar Executions
  • Advertising Budgeting Reporting /
Advertising Strategy

Event Marketing


  • Webinar Strategies
  • Trade Show Sponsorship
  • Trade Show Recruitment
  • Trade Show Program ROIs
  • Executive Event Marketing Plans
  • Online Event Marketing Initiatives

Events and trade shows offer fantastic opportunities to build strong relationships, face-to-face, with your customers. People like to buy from people with whom they can chat and share experiences – people they can trust. Staff at these events present a warm, human face to your brand at the same time as they are able to describe and demonstrate the unique features of your product or service.

At Crankworks, we can help you develop a stylish presence at events that will generate leads, nurture prospects, build brand awareness, expand distribution and enhance relationships with existing customers.

Plan Your Presence /
Event Marketing

Tailer YOUR Retention

Brand Curation

Developing products and services that people desire means collecting a lot of information, deeply analyzing it, and positioning your offer in a winning way in the marketplace. At Crankworks, we have decades of experience in figuring out how consumers tick. We’re up to speed on the art and science of determining who your most likely prospects are, and making what they want conveniently available when they want it. /
Energize - Brand Curation

Product & Service Care


  • Product Marketing Strategies
  • Creative Services Placements
  • Product Launch Planning
  • Competitive Analyses
  • Product Lifecycle Reviews
  • Product Lifecycle Assessments
  • Product GAP Analyses

We’ll create a product vision and a strategy that put your offerings head and shoulders above the competition in the eyes of your ideal customers. We’ll define buyer personas, analyze market conditions and find out what other companies are up to. We can help choose the product your team will deliver, and outline a timeline for implementation that includes a release plan, and a feedback mechanism that will help shape improvements in your product and in your marketing. We’ll help ensure that you and your people in sales, marketing, and support are working on the same page. We will provide regular updates on your product roadmap and keep you informed about what’s going on every step of the way.

Curate Your Collection /
Product & Service Care

Market Research

Crankworks will help you position your market research as an integral part of your business planning process – which is where it should be. This research is absolutely critical to pursuing winning strategies like market segmentation (identifying the personas of your customers) and product differentiation (creating a product identity that makes it stand out from your competitors). We’ll gather the kind of hard data that will guide you to invest in better business decisions – ones that save you time and money, while helping you deal with the marketing challenges all companies face.

Position For Success


  • Market Research Analyses
  • Customer Satisfaction Reviews
  • Social Media Usage Reviews
  • Website Usage Reviews
  • Online Competitive SEO Reviews
  • Focus Group Facilitation
  • Case Analysis Research /
Market Research

Targeting & Positioning


  • Communication Plans
  • Product or Service Marketing Plans
  • Core Value Development
  • Vision Development
  • Mission Development
  • Principle Development
  • Positioning Statement Development
  • Business Modelling & Development
  • Message Mapping

At Crankworks, we use the Market Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning (STP) approach to marketing. It’s audience-driven rather than product-focused, and research has shown that STP delivers more messages to more audiences—and creates better results—than any other marketing approach. We find it’s most useful in developing marketing communications plans that deliver personalized messages to the right audiences with the right media at the right time.

Crankworks will find out what customers are out there, select the ones that can best be served by your product or service, and then help you build brand loyalty with those people.

Taget Loyalty /
Targeting & Positioning

Online Competitive Analysis

Online competitive analysis is one of the most effective ways to position your company to win in the marketplace. At Crankworks, we dig deep and learn about your products or services, leadership, and values by gathering annual reports, press releases, white papers, posts, and online advertisements where possible. In addition, we examine your competitor’s social media presence and can determine what they share with followers and how they communicate. Once we understand your marketing position compared to the competition, we identify your primary, secondary and tertiary competitors and analyze their online strategies, spends and campaign effectiveness.

Know Your Competitors


  • Competitive Advertising Reporting
  • Competitive Advertising Analyses
  • Expanded Social Media Reach Plans
  • Tactical Content Marketing
  • Applied SEO Tactics
  • Applied SEO Reporting
  • Ongoing SEM Plans and Reviews
  • Backlinking Strategies
  • Backlinking Implementations
  • Keyword Research
  • Analytics Reviews
  • Website Reviews /
Online Competitive Analysis /

Our work is just like our team: unique, smart, & memorable. When you need results for your marketing dollar? We will build you the strategy, produce inspired creative, roll out informed tactics, and measure the results!

Our long-term periodic support, monthly maintenance and ongoing security monitoring ensure that we respond to online issues within the briefest of delays, if and when they present themselves.

We estimate projects thoroughly, comprehensively, and we walk our clients through all aspects of an upcoming project to ensure we set the right expectations. We honour our pricing. Unless otherwise agreed upon up front, we document and discuss all variances, overages, project creep other costs before initiating any out-of-scope changes. /
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