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Crankworks is a digital marketing agency based in Canada’s technology hub, Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario.
We solve real business challenges by integrating design, messaging, and new technologies into one clear, cohesive communications strategy.

Like a radio dial tunes in one station, blocking out the static, we dial in your message and then broadcast it frequently and intensely.

Communications AMPLIFIED

What We Do

Integrate Communications

We fuse traditional media and new technologies into one clear, cohesive strategy. Although we can complete stand-alone pieces upon request, we believe that we create our best value and your competitive advantage when we work together to execute a fully integrated long-term marketing plan.

See the Big Picture

Traditional Media + New Technologies = 1 Cohesive Long-Term Strategy

About us

  • Our integrated approach

    Work Strategically

    We’ve watched marketing fundamentally change (for the better) over the past 20 years. The rise of digital media has levelled the playing field, empowering smaller companies to win against big competitors. The arena has changed, but the fundamentals of hard work and sound strategy still apply.

    Out-think your competition, don’t out-spend them.

    Solve Real Problems

    Good marketing doesn’t dazzle, it solves real business problems, based on sound methodologies, an understanding of your unique concerns, and a genuine desire to make it better. There are no canned solutions for sale here; we solve your problem, not a problem.

    “I would rather gamble on our vision than make a ‘me too’ product.” Steve Jobs

    Take Calculated Risks

    We don’t design for design’s sake, wax poetic to hear our own voice, nor program to create something “cool”. We listen to you, identify your needs, define the appropriate approach, execute to meet clear objectives, and surpass your expectations with amplified communications.

    Listen. Think. Plan. Create. Measure. Amplify. Repeat.

  • Yvan Lamoureux Portrait
    Yvan Lamoureux
    Principal, Creative Strategist

    Yvan offers not only a passion for creative marketing, but direction, inspiration, a talent for presenting, and the ability to uniquely meet our clients’ needs. He is just the right blend of thoughtful and expressive.

  • We aspire to be catalysts for change; value individuality; strive to deliver exceptional results; expect the best; accept responsibility; trust synchronicity; take calculated risks; envision success; adjust course; play to win.

    Our team joined forces based on our shared goal of solving our clients’ marketing problems through creativity and ingenuity—and the realisation that we can do it better together. Each of our areas of expertise, as well as our personalities, complements the others—amplifying our talents and your final product.

    “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” Henry Ford

Why Work With Us

We’ve seen it before and experienced it ourselves: as you grow, your need for professional marketing and communications increases. Your internal employees can’t keep up with the demand, the production calendar, or the technology. But, hiring an entire marketing department limits your flexibility and brings more minds inside the box. We offer you the perspective, expertise and agility to help you conquer the next level. That’s our promise.

Play to Win.


We see our relationship with our clients as a long-term partnership, not a short-term assignment. We commit to digging deeply into your character, goals, and problems, to reveal and then help you to maximize opportunities that unleash your true potential.

Every interaction matters.


Unlike traditional agencies, we don’t separate tasks into rigid roles or hierarchies; every discipline contributes ideas and perspective. When we design for you, every work we have ever created makes yours better. We deliver everything we do with integrity and determination.

Benefit from the full power of our dedicated team.


It’s hard to see the big picture looking from the inside, out. Looking from the outside, in, we can offer you sound advice, from a fresh perspective.

See the forest, and the trees.


In-house staff must juggle multiple tasks consecutively. In the process, more time-sensitive work often trumps marketing initiatives. We respond when you need us, making your project our priority.

Put your organization and your most important projects first.

Our work

Paul Puncher

Strategic Website Development
Paul Puncher - Strategic Website Development


Email Ad Campaign
Terranet - Email Ad Campaign

Kurtis Jewellers

Website Design
Kurtis Jewellers - Website Design


Branding & UI Design
Eventastic - Branding and UI Design

KW Chamber of Commerce

Event Advertising
KW Chamber of Commerce - Event Advertising

Anemoi Technologies

Brand Development
Anemoi Technologies - Brand Development


Print Advertising
Hauser - Print Advertising

Camp Cookbook

Print Design & Layout
Camp Cookbook - Print Design and Layout


Print Advertising & Ebook Publishing
Solium - Print Advertising and Ebook Publishing

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